Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Directions: Line, Space and Color.

White Water Gallery

Directions: Line, Space and Color. 

Abstract Works of related elements
by Eby, Gruhler and Stark, three local painters of note.

Purple Moment, Lois Eby

Untitled, Paul Gruhler

Untitled, Kathy Stark

Special Bonus Feature in the Photo Gallery:
Back by popular demand.... and now installed from the permanent collection:

Rick's Pix
A photo documentary by Rick Norcross encapsulating the late 60's pop-rock scene.  Featuring Elvis, Bob, Mic and others.  From Carl Perkins to Sonny and Cher, they're all here. Harken back to yesteryear with this photo document of our American youth icons from a former time.

Opening reception for the artists Sunday, July 15th. from 4 to 7pm.  Show runs through Sunday August 19th. Gallery hours are every Sunday from 11 to 3pm. or by appointment. 
For information telephone 563-2037

Right click on the image above to download a poster for the show.


  1. I love the artwork of Lois Eby. It's very fun and funky.

  2. Hi James, I discovered your gallery thorough a post by Phillip Robertson. He recommended you when I emailed him. I am interested in the possibility of showing in your space next summer. Interestingly enough,m I also have a fondness for old vehicles! I am getting ready to do some silkscreen t-shirts of some vintage and "cult" vehicles. Do you happen to have an old hearse? I need an image of one for a "hippy" hearse for a piece I am doing. Paul Gruhler was the curator for the Engage Exhibit, so he also knows my work well. I will try to get up there before I head out to Santa Fe at the end of the month. I look forward to meeting you.